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MDR Accounting Law Firm provides one-stop service for investment immigration abroad, and senior lawyers handle the whole process. The MDR investment immigration Law team is proficient in multiple languages and has rich experience in the field of investment immigration. Based on the actual situation of each customer and the long-term plan of life and career, we make investment immigration plans for customers, and provide legal advisory services and implementation plans for overseas investment and life of investors.
We are the investor's lawyer and do not represent or represent any overseas investment projects, independently provide services to investors. We have a professional and mature network of overseas immigration lawyers.

Business areas

{ immigration legal services }

Full service for the whole process of immigration customers escort

Business content:
Immigration supervision; pre-lawsuit mediation; immigration failure; immigration legal guidance
{international investment services}

Full service for investors to open the door to the world
Business content:
International resources docking; merger and acquisition of enterprises; Greenland investment; establishment of offshore companies; direct investment in international projects


Specific service contents

* legal advice on investment immigration
Legal consultation on investment immigration in the country of destination to help investors review project documents and interpret the terms of documents
* investment immigration destination selection
According to the investor's economic situation, the purpose of immigration to help investors choose the destination country of investment immigration
* confirmation of the investment immigration scheme
Do not represent any investment projects, concentrate on behalf of the interests of investors, independent, fair to help investors choose the most suitable investment opportunities
* due diligence on investment projects
Including but not limited to the investigation of the background and public records of the investment project company and other participants, risk assessment of the investment project
* preparation of legal documents
The investor shall, under the joint guidance of the immigration lawyer of the country of destination and the immigration lawyer of the country of destination, complete the preparation of all documents for investment immigration
* visa refusal for reconsideration
If an investor's visa application is rejected, he/she shall file an administrative reconsideration or appeal to the local court in accordance with the laws of the country of destination
* settlement of legal disputes over investment immigration
The agent shall handle legal disputes with immigration agents, project companies and Banks through consultation, litigation or arbitration
* legal advisory services in the host country
After the successful immigration of the investor, the cooperative lawyer of the host country shall provide legal advisory services for the investor's overseas investment and life
* permanent legal adviser of immigration company
Served as the perennial legal adviser of immigration agencies, handling legal affairs related to immigration agencies


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