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For years, Mandarin Accounting Law Firm (MDR) has been providing clients with multilingual (English, Chinese and Thai) business, legal, accounting, audit and asset management services and creating values for clients in Thailand. We combine our rich industrial experience and professional law knowledge to efficiently customize legal solution plans for clients in accordance with their requirements and industrial background. Integrity, efficiency and professionalism—these are three principles of MDR. Our adherence to one-stop solution plan has helped many foreign enterprises enter the Thai market, create unprecedented business opportunities and seize new market share. So far, we have set up branches in Europe, North America, South Korea, Japan and China to offer one-stop professional consulting services for accounting, tax declaration, industrial and commercial registration, investment immigration, etc. 

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- about MDR -

• With our international insight and professional legal consulting experience, we fully understand risks and challenges facing clients doing business in Thailand, and we are experienced in providing legal consulting, accounting and audit service, visa service and industrial and commercial taxation service in Thailand. 

• We can provide professional consulting service for enterprises facing problems with their registration and operation in the complex market conditions of Thailand. For years, we have satisfied our clients with first-class service by sticking the concept of pragmatism, professionalism and priority of clients’ interests. 

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