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Company listing legal services is one of the core business of wenhua law firm}

Thailand MDR Accounting Law Firm and commercial lawyer team is a broad range of companies and business to provide customers excellent legal services, the mandarin teams of lawyers familiar with the company laws, regulations and rules, and for listed companies, multinational companies acting as legal counselors for many years of work experience, in the service area has the rich experience and extensive customer base.


We attach great importance to understanding the real needs and goals of different types of customers in different industries }

Before listing, we will provide customers with legal investigation services, analyze the feasibility of listing, assist in the formulation of listing plans, formulate appropriate entry strategies and tax planning, select the appropriate investment region and location, and determine the business model based on their industry and business development direction.
Assist in drafting, revising, relevant business agreements and other legal documents;
In the preparatory stage of the issuance of listed stocks, the legitimacy of various documents related to the issuance and listing of stocks is judged, and legal opinions are issued on legal issues related to the issuance and listing.
At the same time, we take the initiative to understand customer's industry characteristics, strive to active and comprehensive participation after listed, the company's operation and management, combined with the standardization of text and training, to provide the customer's business operations involving the company ownership structure, labor personnel, contract management, publicity, intellectual property, Internet data protection, foreign investment and a full range of legal support.
Carry out due diligence, put forward legal opinions and Suggestions on how the company meets the issuing conditions, and issue legal opinions. Assist in the preparation and verification of prospectus and other information disclosure documents, assist the company to complete all the approval and approval procedures for stock issuance and listing.


Characteristics of listed companies
Compared with ordinary companies, the biggest feature of listed companies is that they can use the securities market for financing, widely absorb idle funds in the society, so as to rapidly expand the enterprise scale, enhance the competitiveness of products and market share. Therefore, after a limited liability company develops to a certain scale, it often takes the company's stock listing on the stock exchange as an important strategic step of enterprise development.

Business scope includes


*  equity capital markets
*  domestic and overseas stock issuance and listing
*  issuance of corporate bonds, asset-backed securities and bond derivatives
*  refinancing of listed companies
*  listing on domestic backdoor
*  acquisition, merger, division, material assets reorganization, delisting and resumption of listing of listed companies
*  listed company governance structure
*  design of management incentive plan and employee stock ownership plan
*  post-ipo compliance management
*  assist customers in the reform or restructuring of listed stock system
*  listed companies shall implement equity incentive plans
*  assist listed companies to comply with relevant laws and regulations and meet relevant requirements

Legal knowledge of company listing

{  Legal procedures for the restructuring and listing of the limited company  }

1. Formulated the restructuring plan, made the corresponding application materials according to the requirements of the competent government departments, and assisted and guided the completion of the restructuring;
2. Formulate plans for the establishment, total share capital and equity structure, ipo financing, allotment and listing of new shares of a joint-stock company;
3. Analyze the feasibility of listing and organize preliminary training for relevant management personnel;
4. Guide the enterprise to draft resolutions of the shareholders' meeting, the board of directors, the board of supervisors and other internal legal documents;
5. Draft, modify and review relevant business agreements and other legal documents, and modify the articles of association in accordance with the guidelines on articles of association of listed companies and relevant laws and regulations;
6. Select intermediary organizations such as accountants, asset appraisers and securities companies, organize multi-party talks and establish working procedures;
7. Allow intermediary agencies to enter the market, conduct due diligence, regulate and rectify the company's land use right, housing, intellectual property rights, taxation, creditor's rights and debts, related transactions, peer competition, asset reorganization, acquisition and merger, and put forward legal Suggestions or disposal measures;
8. Assist intermediary agencies in preparing and drafting application documents as required by law;
9. Collect and submit a full set of application materials, conduct road show and wait for listing;
10. Plan and implement stock options and operator stock ownership plans.


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