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Our legal services include the company registration and founding, merger and acquisition, year-around law consulting, intellectual property right services, real estate and infrastructure development, civil and commercial dispute settlement, etc. On our client list, there are many well-established enterprises either from China or abroad. So far, we have become the top choice of law service institutions for Chinese-invested enterprises in Thailand. 

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We have Thai lawyers having worked in Thailand for more than ten years and excellent English lawyers at your service. They are familiar with English customers’ demands as well as national laws of Thailand. Integrating the law culture of the European and American countries and Thailand, they are capable of customizing thoughtful legal service plans according to different legal demands and goals of users. Our purpose is to seek constant perfection of our legal services. 


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Litigation & Arbitration


Company Listing


 Merger & Acquisition


Real Estate Development


Trade Dispute


Contract Dispute


Accident Indemnity


Personal Injury


Investment Immigration

  Guarantee for Prisoners

Litigation & Arbitration: Law Advisor from Specific Fields

We can provide compliance or remedy approaches in line with national laws of Thailand as required. Our litigation and arbitration services are targeted at the real estate and tourism project development, L/C fraud, labor contract dispute, tax planning, heritage inheritance, personal injury, stock right transfer and other corporate compliance affairs.

Public Listing: Investment Law Advisor 

We can provide legal investigation services for clients according to clients’ industrial fields and business development directions. Based on investigation results, we can analyze clients’ public listing feasibility, and assist in formulating listing plans and entry strategies and taxation planning, selecting proper investment areas and locations and identifying business models. Meanwhile, our service also covers assistance in drafting and modifying legal documents, such as operation agreements. 

Merger & Acquisition: Legal Services 

Clients can come to us for legal feasibility investigation of their merger and acquisition projects before their implementation so as to learn approval records or possibilities of similar investment problems. In the early period of merger and acquisition, we can accompany our clients in finishing pre-stage negotiations, signing legal documents, including the Confidentiality Agreement, Letter of Intention or Framework Agreement, and pinning down the investment framework. Following that, we can conduct due diligence of the target company or project for you to effectively assess risks facing your merger and acquisition, based on which we will also provide corresponding solution plans. After due diligence, we will, in view of problems and risks discovered, draft, review and modify the stock right purchase agreement, asset purchase agreement, third-party supervision agreement, shareholder or shareholders’ resolutions, letter of authorization, and other transaction documents, and assist clients in negotiating and signing the merger and acquisition agreement. 


Real Estate Development: Legal Services 
We can provide legal consulting, contract drafting and interpretation, and other legal services for various real estate projects, including office buildings, plants, hotels, villas, vocational villages and golf courses, purchased or built by clients. We can also assist clients in gaining financing for real estate projects and issue corresponding legal services. Besides, we can provide compliance investigation services for clients in terms of real estate and land acquisition, development or sales. 

Trade Dispute 

We can settle the following disputes for clients, including maritime affairs and aviation disputes, architect disputes, right disputes with banks and shareholders, financial service disputes, disputes arising from performance of business contracts, disputes concerning termination of the joint venture partnership agreement, disputes over intellectual property right infringement and labor contracts, etc. We can help clients finish redemption right cancellation procedures for debtors’ properties before and after the court trial, and precisely investigate into debtors’ properties. 


Contract Disputes

Investigate and handle civil, commercial, accident and corporate contract disputes.  

Accident Indemnities 

Handle disputes over indemnities for traffic, medical and tourism accidents and other serious accidents hard to judge. 


Personal Injuries 

Handle civil and commercial affairs, concerning personal injury arbitration and indemnities, industrial injury indemnities, violence-induced injury indemnities, marriage and family, slandering, rights and interests of women and children, etc. 


Investment Immigrants
Customize investment immigrant plans for clients based on their practical situations and long-term plans for their life or career. Provide consulting services and implementation plans for overseas investment and life of investors. 
Guarantee for Prisoners 

Apply for bailment, medical parole and so on for prisons involved in civil lawsuits. 


More Services

If you fail to find services suitable to you on our website, you can contact us and MDR lawyers are at your service. 


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