Financial securities

MDR is one of the first law firms approved by the ministry of justice and the securities regulatory commission to obtain securities business qualification. We focus on legal services in the financial industry and are familiar with the establishment and operation of various equity investment funds, bond investment funds and industrial funds. Mandarin and all kinds of Banks and financial institutions have a long-term cooperation, we in terms of customers and the industry regulator has a good reputation, has helped many Chinese enterprises in overseas capital markets such as stocks and bonds, for Chinese and foreign issuance and listing, refinancing, acquisition of listed companies, and provides professional services projects such as the material assets reorganization.

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Our lawyer has rich experience in the field of financial instrument legal service. Master the business of credit, financing, letter of credit, notes, stocks, insurance and other aspects of Banks and other financial institutions, be familiar with relevant policies and regulations on financial instruments, and understand the operation mode of banking institutions.


Our scope of service
The financial business scope includes:

* financial market research
* auto consumer finance
* financial creditor's rights protection, debt restructuring, disposal of non-performing assets, financial crisis management
* financial derivatives and structured products
* financial innovation legal affairs
* legal affairs on asset securitization
* cross-integration of legal affairs between Banks and non-bank financial institutions
* legal affairs related to the asset package of Banks and asset companies
* financial leasing legal affairs (including ship, aircraft, large equipment financing, etc.)


Legal services provided by securities business:

*  Asset securitization program design

For the proposed shareholding system reform, in the domestic and overseas listed companies offering (IPO) with legal services, including for quasi at home and abroad, main board listed companies, small and medium-sized enterprises board, gem and other types of securities market to provide legal services, and for the company listing on the new three board (including domestic enterprise restructuring, reform and new three board listed) to provide services.

*  Provide legal advice for asset securitization projects

Is listed and unlisted companies private, rights, rights, equity transfer, recombination (including the backdoor listing, etc.), reform (including state-owned enterprise restructuring, etc.), equity takeover and anti-takeover, material assets acquisition, significant investment (including sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, joint and other types of investment, etc.), preferred stock, bonds (including convertible bonds, separation of trading convertible bonds, corporate bonds, corporate bonds, financial bonds, short-term financing bonds, etc.), warrants, equity or options incentive (reward), etc. To provide legal services.

*  Assist the asset securitization project to be submitted to the regulatory body for review

Provide relevant legal services for securities companies, futures companies, various funds and investment companies
*  Provide the company with perennial legal advisory services

Assets securitization document drafting, review, etc
* provide other legal services for the company (such as litigation, arbitration, liquidation, bankruptcy, etc.)




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