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It is not easy for companies to find a trustable, experienced and professional accountant practicing on good faith. Without proper management, the accounting costs might soar up. MDR provides affordable, all-around, and manageable solution plans to meet client demands. 

MDR has a batch of experienced senior accountants, who can handle tax declaration and accounting to save your time and energy. Meanwhile, with our professional accounting services, companies can not only concentrate their resources on efficient, lucrative and promising business sectors, but also maximize their profits. 


Services Scope

Monthly Withholding Tax (WHT) and social security declaration 
Monthly value-added tax (VAT) declaration 
Monthly financial statements
(profit and loss statements and balance sheets)
Annual audit or semiannual internal and external audit 
Annual employee subsidy funds 
Annual person income declaration 
Annual personal income WHT summary report 
Salary list processing  Consulting on tax issues  Any service designated by clients 


Choose MDR

Accounting services are part of core services of MDR. 
• MDR is devoted to providing all-around consulting services for clients on tax, accounting, financial statements, accounting standards, etc. With MDR, you will no longer have to worry about account check of the tax bureau.  
• l MDR has provided accounting consulting services for clients for years, meeting different accounting demands, ranging from monthly VAT declaration to semiannual enterprise income tax declaration and to salary list processing. 
• l MDR knows micro-and small-scale companies better. To startups or SMEs in their growth period, they cannot independently finish their accounting due to limitations of financial and human resources. Considering this problem, we can help startups and SMEs as well as micro-small-scale companies control costs and optimize work efficiency. You entrust your accounting, tax declaration and other tasks to us. 
Efficient accounting processes
Receive notes→ Review invoices → Conduct financial processing → Check with the bank → Issue statements → Pay taxes  → Clear off annual taxes  

Efficiency and safety 

1. Clients talk with MDR specialists and sign the written accounting entrustment agreement to confirm different terms face-to-face.
2. MDR specialists visit clients to fetch the original receipt materials based on the negotiated “checklist.”
3. MDR senior accountants declare and pay taxes accurately and on time to ensure accuracy and efficiency of accounting.
4. MDR has an accountant team proficient in tax affairs. Clients just need to pay half of the salary for a full-time accountant to enjoy all-around services provided by a professional financial team.
5. MDR can customize a systematic tax planning scheme in accordance with laws for you, make full use of the current existing policies to reasonably avoid financial risks, and provide countermeasures for companies’ operation risks. 

Quick consulting channel

——  MDR one-by-one senior consultant service  ——

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Accounting Package Service 

Accounting is one of the most important tasks for every company. Accurate financial data can facilitate your analysis of companies’ prospects and business planning. A striking characteristic of our accounting services is that we provide English accounting statements, which allow you to immediately grasp major financial data and choose the best operation plan. Our package service covers account book establishment, accounting voucher formulation, detail account preparation, account book binding, month-end or annual-end account clearing, month-end tax declaration, semiannual/annual tax declaration, etc. 

Accounting price is decided by companies’ business volume

Detail-oriented Package Service


(The service fees are decided by the number of monthly notes and tasks.)

Responsibilities: Accounting voucher formulation, detail account preparation, account book binding, month-end or annual-end account clearing, month-end tax declaration, semiannual/annual tax declaration, etc. 


Tax Declaration Package Service for SMEs

(The service fees are decided by the number of monthly notes and tasks.)
Responsibilities: Report and put down accounting entries. Conduct monthly tax declaration, social security declaration, semiannual/annual tax declaration, and annual accounting statements. 

Bank Account Opening 
A company after finishing its registration in Thailand should open its basic deposit account in a bank.  
Basic deposit account is a primary deposit account for companies and public institutions. It is mainly used to handle daily transfers, settlements and cash payments and collections. Cash expenditure, including salary and bonus, of the deposit account owner can only be handled via this account. Opening of the basic deposit account should be immediately reported to the local people’s bank for approval and issuance of the account permit. The original of the permit shall be properly kept by the deposit account owner. Besides, one copy shall be given to the deposit bank for archiving. Public institutions can open just one basic deposit account in the operation branch of only one commercial bank. 

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