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Thai visa services constitute a core business of MDR. We have a professional visa legal consulting team familiar with materials and procedures required of different visas, and we can help customers review documents for different visa applications and provide feasible solution plans for problems arising from the application process. 


Professional visa service: Safeguard your first step to develop in Thailand }

Driven by the development of Thailand’s tourism this year, a growing number of tourists have been fond of spending their holidays in Thailand. Meanwhile, as the Thailand’s economic and trade exchange with foreign countries deepens, more and more foreign investors and business persons have been attracted to Thailand or investigate the local investment environment or start up their business here, thus making visa application a necessity before their entry into Thailand. 

You can enter Thailand with different visas. Different purposes of your visit to Thailand can also cause differences of the length of your stay in Thailand. If you prolong your stay not via official procedures, you will face severe punishments. 

We can handle the following visas for you

Thai elite visa

Thai retirement visa 

Thai dependent visa

Tourist visa/Landing visa renewal

Thai work visa 

Thai business visa

Marriage registration in Thailand

Application for Thai nationality 


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Thai elite visa

{ VIP特权泰国出入境卡 }

  What is Thai Special Visa
Thai Special Visa is issued by the Thai government for high-tend tourists to ensure their thorough travel experience. The longest stay for every entry is one year. During the valid period, the visa holder can enter and leave Thailand many times, and has no need to live in Thailand. The length of stay can range from several days to several months. Or the visa holder can live for a long time until expiration of the visa. It is a top-grade visa in Thailand. Once the visa is successfully obtained, the visa holder can gain the Thai Special Visa, which guarantees 20 years of stay in Thailand at most. Besides, our VIP services and other privileges for the five-year visa, ten-year visa and 20-year visa vary with your handling fees.  

  Thai State Guest Treatment
In fact, Thai Special Visa offers five subsidiary options for foreign applicants.
Diamond Card (20-year EUP); Platinum Card (20-year EPA); Rose Gold Card (10-year EFA); Platinum Card (5-year EEA). Every type of visa is strictly divided into different grades, meaning privileges for every grade are different. Besides, some visa types require payment of annual fees. It depends on which type of visa is selected by you. 

Thai Special Visa can be divided into stay of five years, 10 years and 20 years, respectively: 
1. Five-year Thai Special Visa (for individuals and families);
2. Ten-year Thai Special Visa (Ordinary and luxury version form families);
3. Twenty-year Thai Special Visa (Ordinary and luxury version).  


Thai retirement visa

{ Retirement in Thailand }



  Why do more and more people go to Thailand for retirement? 
To facilitate more and more foreigners’ retirement in Thailand, the Thai government has launched the one-year retirement visa, which enables people to renew the visa annually without going back to the motherland. Thailand warmly welcomes foreigners to spend their life after retirement in Thailand. In Thailand, the living expenses are low but the service industries are highly developed. You can have access to high-standard medical care at a low cost. Besides, there are all kinds of entertainment in Thailand. All this has won Thailand the reputation of “Retirement Paradise. ” The retirement visa offers one year of stay.

Notes: The applicant shall register the retirement visa with the local immigration bureau every 90 days. If the visa holder move from one place to the other place in Thailand, registration is also required. 

  Advantages of the retirement visa
To hold the retirement visa means that you have been a Thai resident, entitled to rights beyond foreign tourists, including opening the bank account in local Thai banks, sit the examination for the Thai driving license, study in any Thai university, etc. 

1. Foreigner above the age of 50;
2. With a saving of no less than 800,000 THB (length of stay: One year).

Thai Business Visa

{ Business Activities in Thailand }

Those going to Thailand to explore business opportunities, attend meetings, and participate in training or academic exchange within 90 days should apply to visas of the type. 

Processing steps

 If you are not in Thailand

 1. You can place an order and make the payment, and we will send the list of materials required by your visa application;
 2. You do not have to worry about the material preparation for our specialist will preview your materials first;
 3. After you place an order, we will notify you to send your materials to the specific receiver at a specific address;
 4. Material compilation: We will compile your materials as required; (Please keep your mobile phone on for our customer service staff will immediately contact you to supplement relevant materials if necessary.)
 5. Document submitted by clients in person: We will return the well-compiled materials to you, and you are expected to submit the documents to the consulate or visa center in person, and pay for relevant services;
 6. Visa issuance: You should go to fetch your passport in the consulate or visa center on your own. 
If you hold the tourist visa in Thailand

We can assist you in preparing necessary visa documents and certificates. Our specialist will accompany you to the Immigration Office and assist you in exchanging the tourist visa with the business visa. (Please submit your passport and photo 18 to 20 days before expiration of the tourist visa. If the two-month visa has been expired, it can be extended by one month.)

Thai work visa+ work permit

{ Thai work permit legal certificate }


  What is Thai work visa and work permit?
“Work permit” is a certificate issued by the Thailand Labor Department to allow a person to legally work in Thailand, which is actually foreigners’ work permit in Thailand;

“Work visa” is issued by Thailand Immigrants Bureau. You can use your work permit to extend your work visa by one to two years. As long as your visa is legally extended, your legal residence in Thailand is no longer a problem. 

  Under what conditions should you apply for work visa and work permit? 
1. Foreigners who apply for work based on the Law of the Kingdom of Thailand on Investment Promotion shall apply for work permit within 30 days before their entry into Thailand or within 30 days after they get a job offer in Thailand. Those violating this regulation will be fined for 1,000 Bahts at most. 

2. Foreigners attempting to work in Thailand should apply for work permit first no matter whether they have residence permit in Thailand or not.  

  Application Requirement
The minimum salary for handling work permit should be above 35,000.
Length of stay: One year


Thai Dependent Visa

{ To visit relatices in Thailand }

  What is the Thai dependent visa? 
Thai dependent visa is for applicants to reunite with direct relatives in Thailand, and the visa holder can stay in Thailand for one year. The spouse or the direct relative (parents or offspring) should hold the Thai work permit and marriage certificate to apply for Thai dependent visa. For example, if a son hold the Thai work permit, then his wife, parents and son can all apply for Thai dependent visa. If you get married with a Thai, your parents can also apply for the dependent pass. Or if you are study in Thai, one of your relatives can also apply for the dependent VISA. 

1. Foreigner holding the Thai work permit, permanent residence permit and long-term student visa;

2. The applicant shall be a direct relative of the above visa holder, such as the parent, spouse, and offspring. Sisters and brothers are not allowed to apply for it. Meanwhile, only one direct relative of the student visa holder in Thailand can apply for the dependent pass. 


Thai Tourist Visa/Landing Visa Renewal

For foreigners who want to lengthen their stay in Thailand after expiration of their tourist visa }

  Length of Renewal 
1. Tourist sticker visa allows the visa holder to stay in Thailand for 60 days, which can be extended by 30 days;

2. Landing visa allows the visa holder to stay in Thailand for 15 days. Generally, landing visa cannot be renewed, but under special conditions, such as illness or other accidents, the visa officer can properly lengthen the visa applicant’s stay by seven days the first time. However, the second application for extension is not allowed.

  We can provide the following services:

(1) Extend the tourist visa by seven days (in Bangkok/Pattaya);


(2) Extend the landing visa by seven days (in Bangkok/Pattaya);


(3) Transfer the landing visa to the two-month tourist visa (in Bangkok/Pattaya, the client shall prepare the bank saving with no less than 3,000 USD plus bank card copy issued by the foreign bank or the Thai bank, plus Thai hotel reservation list);


(4) Transfer the tourist visa to the two-month tourist visa (in Bangkok/Pattaya, the client shall prepare the bank saving with no less than 3,000 USD plus bank card copy issued by the foreign bank or the Thai bank, plus Thai hotel reservation list).

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Formalities required of your marriage with a Thai }

  The couple should prepare the following documents:
1. Foreigner’s passport and valid visa;
2. Thai’s ID card. 

  We can provide the following services:
1. Finishing material compilation and registration (handling fees + service fees), and you are expected to pay the registration travel expenses;

2. Finishing material compilation and registration (handling services + service fees) + The single certificate issued by your motherland. You are expected to pay the registration travel expenses. 

Thai Nationality Application

If not marrying a Thai }

Thailand strictly controls immigrants settling down in Thailand. Those who are allowed to work or seek investment opportunities in Thailand are usually issued with the non-immigrant visa. The limit set by the Thai government for the annual number of foreign citizens to immigrate to Thailand is 2,000. 

1. Foreigners who have stayed in Thailand legally for more than three years;

2. The former residence of foreigners in Thailand is based on business, employment, and investment; the qualification of experts or academicians; the necessity of taking care of family members (with a Thai nationality) or the fact that the father or husband is a Thai and the necessity of relying on them; the need of accompanying the husband, father, child or daughter who have already gained the residence permit. Meanwhile, the foreigners shall be above 60 years old and earn a monthly net income of no lower than 30,000 TBH;

3. Foreign investors invest in privately-employed or state-owned companies in Thailand; purchase apartments, national debts or state-owned enterprises’ bonds, and have savings in one or more than one Thai bank. According to requirements of the immigration bureau, the immigration applicants’ investment amount shall be no lower than 10 million TBH;

4. Foreign investors directly invest in more than 10 million TBH or indirectly invest 8 million TBH in government bonds, Thai enterprise bonds, apartments, and so on, of which 6 million TBH is for the spouse and 2 million TBH is for every unmarried offspring below the age of 20 years old;


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