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We can design and formulate tax optimization plans for enterprises within the legal framework and effectively manage tax risks.
MDR certified tax agent and senior customs tax-related experts can provide domestic and foreign companies with tax advice on operations, business transactions, investment and double taxation in Thailand. And to provide or optimize tax planning programs, tariff planning programs, and to provide or optimize wealth planning programs for individuals and families, to try to meet the needs of enterprises, individuals or families.


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With years of tax-related service experience, MDR Accounting Law Firm has built a set of comprehensive tax-related service system, which integrates learning, consulting, auditing, diagnosis, planning and other aspects. Currently, it has provided various tax-related services for more than 3,000 enterprises.
According to the nature, industry, business, region, personnel structure and equity structure of the taxpayer, we can check the tax preferences that the taxpayer should enjoy. Analyze the business characteristics of taxpayers, break down the income structure, analyze the cost structure, enterprise investment and financing plan, analyze the operation process of enterprises, analyze the business model, issue the planning plan for the tax preferential policies that taxpayers may enjoy, and guide taxpayers to implement the tax preferential policies until they really enjoy the benefits.


Service scope

Tax planning business scope includes:

* daily tax-related business consultation for enterprises in Thailand
* tax planning for foreign direct investment
* tax design for overseas investment of Chinese enterprises
* corporate restructuring, merger and acquisition transaction tax planning
* tax health checks or due diligence
* tax services in the process of enterprise listing
* tax consultation for non-resident enterprises
* supply chain design and tax planning
* employee incentives and individual income tax services
* transfer pricing analysis and document preparation
* apply for preferential tax treatment
* tax inspection and anti-tax avoidance investigation should be carried out
* communicate with tax authorities to settle tax disputes

Tariff planning business scope includes:

* consultation on rules of origin, customs valuation and tariff policy
* customs broker, import and export trade enterprise tariff planning scheme design
* design and implementation of tariff planning schemes for manufacturing enterprises

The scope of wealth planning includes:

* use trust and insurance to protect assets
* use wills, trusts, insurance and other planning tools to arrange inheritance
* property planning of major shareholders before listing
* pre-migration property planning
* family planning before marriage
* handle estate and divorce related property division disputes on behalf of clients

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