Litigation and arbitration

Litigation and arbitration legal services are one of the core businesses of MDR Accounting Law Firm. The practicing lawyers in the MDR Accounting Law Firm team have a clear and profound understanding of the Law, win the full trust of customers, and have rich practical experience in the field of litigation and commercial arbitration in Thailand. We handle more than 100 litigation and arbitration cases every year to maximize the interests of our clients in dispute resolution.
We use the latest information technology means and standardized process, through the study and judgment of a large number of cases, for each case to provide multiple solutions, simulation exercise, do not fight a battle of uncertainty. Special attention is paid to facilitating the reconciliation between the two parties in litigation and reducing the burden of litigation.


The business scope

| Agency in civil action 
Engaged in road traffic accidents, personal injury compensation, creditor's rights debt disputes, contract disputes, medical disputes, consumer rights, collateral, disputes over compensation and resettlement for the demolition, marriage and family inheritance, legal consultation, mediation, divorce and property division write divorce related legal documents, witness the belongings before marriage and after marriage property agreement and other legal affairs.

Our services in this field mainly include

In civil litigation and arbitration, pre-trial investigation and evidence collection, property preservation, trial agency, enforcement of effective legal documents; in litigation and arbitration, formulate negotiation schemes, represent or assist clients in negotiation, draft or review settlement agreements, and execute settlement agreements on behalf of clients;


| Commercial dispute resolution
We handle the following disputes on behalf of our clients: maritime and aviation disputes, building disputes, bank and shareholder rights disputes, financial service disputes, disputes in the execution of commercial contracts, disputes over termination of joint venture and partnership agreements, intellectual property infringement disputes and labor contract disputes. We help customers with the foreclosure process before and after the judgment, and provide customers with accurate debtor property investigation services.
Among them, disputes related to the company: shareholder qualification confirmation, shareholder investment, equity transfer, company resolution, company establishment, company merger, listed company acquisition, damage to the interests of shareholders and other disputes;

Our services in this field mainly include

* domestic litigation and arbitration
* pre-trial investigation and evidence collection
* property preservation
* court agent
* enforcement of effective legal instruments
* international litigation and arbitration
* legal representation in foreign jurisdictions (through overseas MDR lawyers)
* international arbitration agency
* enforcement of effective legal documents (including recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in China)
* alternative dispute resolution - negotiation
* develop negotiating options
* represent or assist customers in negotiations
* draft or review settlement agreements
* execute the settlement agreement on behalf of the client

Criminal defense
Criminal defense, agency for commercial crimes, agency for administrative reconsideration and litigation.
MDR operates the criminal defense business separately from other litigation and arbitration businesses and has a criminal defense team dedicated to corporate crime. MDR of criminal defense lawyers are proficient in law and criminal law, a senior lawyer, they all graduated from Thailand's leading law schools, most have punishment law, criminal procedural law master's degree or above, solid professional basic knowledge, the academic theory foundation of basic skills, deep and some members have in countries such as method of judicial organs, organs of rich experience, working in the field of criminal justice specializes in processing all kinds of major, difficult, complex corporate criminal cases.
Our services in this field mainly include

* acting on behalf of the parties concerned in reporting and charging criminal cases
* provide legal assistance to suspects at the investigation stage
* to act as defenders for criminal suspects in the stage of examination and prosecution, defendants in the stage of trial and appellants
Acting as the victim to participate in criminal proceedings and civil actions incidental to criminal proceedings
* acting on behalf of the parties to appeal criminal cases and other criminal related legal activities


Our advantages

Litigation visualization
We have been consciously adhering to the working method of transforming complex and cumbersome facts and legal relations into concise and expressive graphs through visualization tools.

Litigation risk assessment

Through case difficulty coefficient evaluation and case big data analysis, the strength of science and technology and the accumulation of experience make it possible to accurately quantify the difficulty and risk faced by the case.

Procedural litigation

We create a strict and efficient litigation process management system, each case will go through 33 steps of standardized process processing, in order to ensure the excellent quality of tiantong litigation services.

Mock court

We are skilled in predicting the outcome of major difficult and complex commercial litigation cases. Through the innovative introduction of third-party neutral evaluation experts, we will form the "litigation risk assessment committee" to express professional opinions on the possibility of winning every case, and launch the tiantong moot court if necessary, to do our best for your victory.


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