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MDR has extensive experience in assisting Chinese clients with overseas investment. MDR have a number of lawyers with international qualifications and experience, and we also with a number of leading foreign law firms and intermediary institutions have close cooperation, rich experience accumulated over the years, let the MDR capable of overseas investment for Chinese customers provide effective solutions and the internationalization of professional services, to protect the interests of the customer.

Overseas investment
Cross-border investment
International mergers and acquisitions


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MDR has successfully assisted a large number of outstanding domestic customers to select overseas resources, technologies, brands and markets, and make overseas investment.
Our services include: industrial access policy analysis; Establishing various types of enterprises and institutions; Establishing foreign-invested/holding companies for transnational corporations; Analysis of foreign exchange inflow and outflow and capital flow; Foreign direct investment geographical selection and policy comparative analysis; Compliance services for foreign-invested enterprises; Legal services for foreign direct investment project construction; Legal services for the operation of foreign-invested enterprises.

Our scope of service

* analysis of the legal environment and legal risks of the destination country
* investment project structure planning and legal prudent investigation, assessment and control of potential legal risks;
* assist in drafting project application form, feasibility study report and other relevant legal documents;
* participate in negotiations and provide consultation on negotiation strategies and legal and business issues involved in the negotiations
* assist foreign clients to handle the government approval documents required for the establishment of enterprises in foshan, and assist foreign clients to coordinate the relationship with various government departments when necessary;
* analyze various investment and financing arrangements and structures, make Suggestions and assist in the completion of investment methods
* provide legal advice on other major legal issues related to overseas investment
* compliance review and supervision of the daily operation of the enterprise;
Including to provide the customer's business operations involving the company ownership structure, labor personnel, contract management, publicity, intellectual property, Internet data protection, foreign investment, such as a full range of legal support, and the subsequent according to customer's specific industry, the scale of investment, we will help customers plan, preferential policies for investment or foreign business license.
* all legal affairs related to enterprise restructuring, dissolution and liquidation.


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