Company registration in Thailand
With the deepening of trade exchange between Thailand and other countries in the world, more and more foreigners have invested in Thailand, turning company registration and founding an issue of top concern to overseas investors. The Thailand’s law stipulates that overseas foreigners shall not set up companies in Thailand without participation of Thai enterprises under general conditions. Meanwhile, foreigners cannot take a 100% stake in ordinary companies, exceeding large-scale enterprises in some specific industries, such as manufacturing, energy, and high technology. 


Registerable company type

Thai joint venture Fully foreign-owned BOI company  FBL company application  Establishment of representative office 

Joint venture registration in Thailand
● We will try our best to assist you in getting approvals for all documents and formalities required of your company registration as soon as possible so that you can found your company in the shortest time. 
More efficiency and more success with MDR.
● MDR has a professional company registration team. Relying on MDR’s Thailand accounting channel network, we are familiar with Thailand’s registration laws and regulations, company law, and difficulties and risks involved in the process of company registration. 
● MDR has years of experience in providing consulting and assistance for company registration in Thailand. Having addressed difficulties confronting all kinds of overseas company registration in Thailand, we are familiar with different requirements of company registration procedures. Sticking to handling your demands with our most professional knowledge and rich experience in accordance with laws and regulations, we can 100% ensure legitimacy and validity of your registration. 


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Formal legal procedures 

· We can resolve your legal risks at a reasonable price. Our service fees are charged in a lump sum without any hidden fees. You can be fully freed from any further concerns and devote yourself to your business. Of course, there are always cheaper services with unguaranteed service quality. 

Solution of absence of shareholders 

According to Thailand’s laws, a foreigner shall have more than one Thai shareholder (holding no less than 51% of share) in the company registered in Thailand, and the foreigner shall not hold more than 49% of share. Meanwhile, the company shall have three natural persons as initiators at least. If you do not have any trustable person holding a Thai nationality, you can entrust us to find one for you. Business partners recommended by us can also be more helpful to you rbusiness. 

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  Advantages of registering companies in Thailand
  1. Companies which are hard to be approved by the domestic government (of the country borne on your passport) and companies from special industries can be founded in Thailand. Meanwhile, you can open the import and export remittance account for any currency to facilitate your international business activities.

2. You are entitled to reductions of income taxes by forming joint ventures with domestic enterprises in the name of Thai company. Or you can merge and acquire domestic enterprises, change companies’ status and nature in this way.

3. Natural persons or legal persons and their relatives can also apply for long-term residence, visa circulation and work permit to facilitate your entry and exit, or apply for visas to Europe and North America. At the same time, you can apply for business visa circulation to Hong Kong in China’s Embassy in Thailand in half a year or one year.

4. If you have lived in Thailand for no less than three years, you can apply for permanent residence, including for your dependents. If you have lived in Thailand for no less than five years, you can apply to join the Thai nationality and freely visit ten member countries of the ASEAN and other dozens of countries without  visas.

5. You can enjoy preferential treatment for overseas Chinese or Chinese citizens while organizing business activities or investment activities in your domestic country in the name of a foreign company. 

  Company registration steps
We have offices in Thailand, and our professional lawyers are at your service, helping you collect required materials and drafting relevant documents: 
1. Drafting the company name and registered capital, and selecting shareholders and directors;
2. Handling value-added taxes of registered companies;
3. Handling social security of registered companies;
4. Handling various permits involved in industries;
5. Declaring taxes and conducting monthly and annual account audit;
6. Opening bank accounts (opening of online bank accounts and POS service) for registered companies.


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