Enterprise Social Security Services
According to national laws of Thailand, enterprises should buy social insurance for their employees. If you need to apply for the work permit, you should first register your social insurance. MDR can handle it for you, saving you the trouble of bustling around because of your unfamiliarity with relevant procedures and required materials.

How to Apply for Social Security

Corporate social security: The social security of one foreigner is equal to that of four Thai employees’. The monthly social security for a Thai is 980 TBH, meaning the amount for a foreigner is 980 TBH*4=3,920 TBH/month. Foreigner’s insurance fees depend on their social security basis. If the foreigner holds the position of director, he or she has no need to pay for social security in Thailand.

Notes: Materials required to apply for social security: The back and front copy of the ID card, the registered permanent residence. If the number of persons is inadequate, you can pay us to help address this problem. The cost per person is charged annually. If the buyer’s number of persons is inadequate during the work permit photographing, you can pay us to find persons to make up the number.)


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About Social Security

 -Social Security for Foreigners Working in Thailand-
Thailand’s social security program has been gradually improving to cover not only the medical insurance, employment injury insurance, maternity insurance, cash subsidies for the disabled and pension for funerals, but also the endowment insurance. All these welfares constitute Thailand’s social security system. The social security for foreign workers is different from that of Thai workers, and the former mainly includes seven aspects, namely injuries, casualties, child-bearing, nursing holiday, unemployment, retirement and death. 

The following welfares are accessible to both foreign workers and domestic workers in Thailand:
Subsidies, casualties, injuries, disabilities and expenses to return to the motherland caused during the absence period and not by employment injury. If you give birth to your child in Thailand, you can receive welfare in accordance with the humanistic spirit and medical ethics, excluding the non-income and child-bearing subsidies during the child-bearing period. The Ministry of Labor points out that this policy can arouse foreign workers’ attention to their birthplace rather than long-term residence in Thailand, for foreign workers are not staying in Thailand just for a short period. The Ministry of Labor adds, “Foreign workers can receive their social security according to their pension rather than their retirement payment. This is to not only secure stability of social security funds, but also stimulate foreign workers to return to their motherland.” As to unemployment, foreign workers are not entitled to unemployment insurance, because they work in Thailand on their own. Once they lose their job, they should leave Thailand in seven days according to the entry and exit management regulations. 

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