Thai Individual Tax Number Application
CRS requires disclosure of personal wealth. Faced with the global taxation storm, we have customized the solution plan for you. 


The essence of the CRS is to mutually and periodically disclose the property of national citizens of each other among 104 countries signing the CRS to improve the tax transparency and crack down on the cross-border tax evasion or what we call as “global taxation.” In CRS countries, your personal assets and taxpayment information will be disclosed to ensure property transparency, compliance and legitimacy. 


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CRS storm causes a panic
——  Your assets are laid bare   ——
Anti-tax-evasion terms + CRS: Crack down on tax invasion internationally and leave no room for hidden billionaires. 

Who are the victims?
CRS is targeted at tax residents rather than people’s nationality. If you just immigrate to non-CRS countries, it cannot change your tax resident identity, meaning that you cannot avoid the CRS investigation.
Therefore, “CRS + new individual tax law” makes it impossible for people who want to hide their fortune by buying a foreign passport or opening an offshore company. 

Apply for the Thai Tax Number to Hide Your Fortune

If you want to hide your assets, you can apply for the tax number in a non-CRS-member country to transfer your tax resident identity for an all-around transfer of your assets.

In Thailand, your assets will not be collected, classified, required of feedback, or disclosed to any country. It is a haven of offshore taxes. Your assets will be hided, no matter which country you are from and which country your tax resident identity belongs to. With your Thai visa, address, tax number and phone number, you can successfully open your bank account in other countries. 

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MDR comprehensive safeguards your fund security by avoiding the CRS.To avoid being influenced by the CRS global taxation,We will take taxation, identity and asset allocation into consideration.

If you have been influenced by the CRS,We will customize a solution plan for you. All in all, we have different solution plans for different client groups. 

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Thai Individual Tax Number 

Asset Requirement: 100,000 RMB
Advantages: Free transfer of tax residents’ identity. Full planning of assets and avoidance of CRS. 

Thai Bank Account Opening 

Asset Requirement: 55,000 RMB
Advantages: No control of foreign exchange, free allocation of funds, protection of assets and financial account information, and no need of feedback and collection. 

Thai Elite Visa 

Asset Requirement: 100,000 RMB to 400,000 RMB
Acquire opportunities to stay in Thailand for as long as 20 years. Freely enter Thailand without restrictions of the length of stay. Enjoy multiple VIP privileges. 

Thai Real Estate Ownership Transfer 

Asset Requirement: ≥600,000 RMB
Advantages: Whole-process safeguard to ensure legal ownership transfer of lands, apartments, warehouses, etc. 


Thai Bank Account Opening:
If Thailand is the investment destination of your assets and you need to go between your motherland and Thailand frequently, you can enter Thailand via multiple visas, but we recommend Thai Elite Visa for you. If you buy our Thai Elite Visa application services, we will help you open the bank account in Bangkok Bank once, which can address your visa and account opening difficulties all at once.



Asset types-taxation targets of the CRS

Bank deposits, bank, insurance, insurance policy, LP investment amount, fund, family fortune, trust, overseas business, enterprise


Introduction of Plan Details 
You can choose one service or multiple according to your own situations.

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